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A Guide to Buying Your House Doors

The majority of us are well familiar with the standard wood doors. You will find them in almost all homes. However, there are unique styles available and can serve you well when a typical door does not serve the intended purpose. When buying a door, you need to consider many factors, such as the intended purpose, the privacy required, natural requirements, spaces, among others. So, let's look at different doors and what to think about when buying.

Choosing Between French Doors or Pocket Doors

These doors are a good bet when the standard interior doors do not give you what you want. However, you have to choose between them.  Pocket doors will help you when you are looking to maximize space, especially in small areas. The door slides directly into the wall, ideal for areas or rooms with cramped layouts. French doors are the perfect choice for those looking for a modest level of privacy or who want natural light. The decorative types can be used as entrances to the primary bedroom or bathroom. This gives the room pleasing aesthetics and allows adequate lighting to shine through.

Exterior and Interior Doors

All doors are not made the same; each will depend on where it is located. Exterior doors are the face of your house. Therefore, they need to be appealing and, at the same time, strong.  Interior doors are normally used as entrances between rooms; therefore, they come lighter and thinner when compared to exterior doors. Exterior doors serve more than just main entrances and exits to your house; they provide insulation and a barrier. Therefore, they need special treatment to prevent damage and weathering. In addition, they should withstand high moisture levels and come with more security features. In terms of decorative features, exterior doors can have only the outside while the interior may have them on both sides.

Panel Doors

These doors are widely used; they are hard and offer additional beauty to a home. They are mostly used as exterior doors. You will find different types of panel doors, including single panel, double panel, three panels, and six panels, among others. You also need to know that these doors will cost you more when compared to other types. Also, they will require regular cleaning as they are bound to retain more dust when compared to flush doors.

When buying your doors think about their purpose, the space, the available budget, and you will get what you need.